Open-Vehicle Safaris

Track down the Big 5


Zimanga is about so much more than just its world-class wildlife photography hides, and a significant portion of one’s visit will be spent exploring the area on traditional vehicle safaris in specially adapted 4×4’s.  An astounding diversity of mammal, reptile and bird species call Zimanga home and spending time on vehicles perfectly compliments the hours sitting in wait at photo hides by actively seeking out the wild residents of the bush.

Each occupant on safari has a guaranteed side seat on the vehicle, and our passionate and expert rangers/photo guides are in radio communication with one another to share current information on animal movements whilst tracking down a magnificent repertoire of African wildlife.  Under certain conditions your ranger has permission to follow animals off-road and to get guests in the ideal position for unsurpassed wildlife encounters.

A private photo vehicle and guide is available on request for those we seek an even more exclusive experience.  This vehicle seats a maximum of 4 passengers on the back, but is ideally suited to two photographers who have more than ample space at to photograph wildlife at low level whilst on safari and can under the right circumstances produce even better quality images.  This custom vehicle can be booked at additional cost at the lodge or upon Enquiry

Zimanga only allows a limit of 4 safari vehicles out on the entire reserve at any one time, with this ultra-low tourist density making it one of the most exclusive safari destinations in Africa.


Vehicle safaris can extend into the evening, and subject lighting from multiple vehicles can be arranged at additional cost.  Another after-hours activity is late night astro-and landscape photography which can be arranged with your guide.  Please enquire with your ranger about this whilst you are here