Mkhombe Hide

A burst of colour


Mkhombe is Zimanga’s first birdbath or reflection hide and seats four photographers in comfortable office chairs. Mkhombe faces west and allows water-level images of the multitude of bird species that come and drink at the hide in the early morning.

More than 80 species have already been recorded at this hide, and is the hide on Zimanga that offers the highest species diversity available. The reflection hides perform better in the drier months (April to October) as watersources dry up in the bush.

_CS20746_Mkhombe Hide

Migrant birds that arrive from November and stay until February are usually in brilliant breeding plumages and use the hides during the summer months, but Zimanga falls within a summer rainfall area, meaning that other watersources are available to birds.

Technical Info:

The shooting distance of the drinking edge and perches is around 5.5m (16′). Long lenses of 500 to 600mm are ideal for getting close-up detailed portraits, but we generally find that shorter lenses around 300mm offer the best opportunities to get action shots of these extremely fast moving birds.

Mkhombe Birdbath