Bhejane Hide

For shy bird species

Bhejane Hide

Bhejane is Zimanga’s second reflection hide, and the site was carefully chosen to lure shy bird species that prefer thicker habitat. The main attraction at this hide is pink-throated twinspots; a rare endemic with a limited range in South Africa.

The twinspots are shy, so no sighting is guaranteed but if the birds come down to drink unparalleled opportunities arise to photograph these tiny jewels of the forest. A variety of other species use the hide, which is placed for optimal afternoon light.


The same size as Mkhombe, Bhejane also seats four photographers in comfortable chairs, with tripods, gimbals and lens plates provided.

Technical Info:

Bhejane has a slightly closer drinking edge, at 4.5m (13.5′) so keep this in mind when using long lenses, especially older model Canon and Nikon 500 or 600mm lenses, which do not allow close-focus. Again, the longer lenses are good for portraits, although lenses of around 300mm are better for action shots.

Bhejane Birdbath