Bee-Eater Hide

Spend time with the colony


Zimanga’s mobile bee-eater hide can seat 2-3 occupants and it can be interchanged for any other activity. Unlike our other hides and due to its mobile nature, seating is provided in camping chairs.

We provide the same high-quality Manfrotto tripods and Benro gimbal heads for guest use as in all our other hides. The white-fronted bee-eaters add exciting photographic opportunities as they prefer to flock, resulting in much activity and interaction between individual birds.

_CS54113_Bee-Eater hide

It is impossible to predict the bee-eaters’ breeding times and cycles, but our guides are always on the lookout to find new breeding sites where the hide will be moved to should access be available. Unlike our other hides the bee-eater hide cannot be booked in advance due to seasonal nesting cycles, but guests will be made aware of activity at the hide during their stay, and can choose to spend a morning or afternoon with the colony. The prime season for bee-eaters falls within our winter to spring (roughly July to September), and should the area be accessible, the hide will be placed for optimum lighting and backgrounds.

Bee Eater Hide