At Zimanga we understand that very often clients want to have the freedom to create their own itinerary. Time and budgetary constraints but also differing fields of interest may drive this. Some clients are all about birding and others the larger mammals and predators and the consultants will help you to design your package around these sightings along with the most suitable style of accommodation.

The reservations staff at Zimanga can help you to create your custom itinerary and activity schedule for your time in Zimanga.  This flexibility will suit specialist photographers and birders as well as accompanying non-photographers who perhaps would rather just do game drives rather than sessions in the hides.  Please note that certain restrictions apply to the usage of the Lagoon and Overnight hides, so to allow all guests visiting Zimanga a fair chance of using these hides.

If you are travelling as a group then we will help design an itinerary allowing all the members of the group to have equal game drives and hide sessions.

When completing the enquiry form simply tick the tailor made box and give us a rough idea of what you would like in the comments section.