The hides on Zimanga are like none others found on the African Continent. Designed in conjunction with Bence Mate, The Invisible Photographer, many hours of planning and testing have gone into each hide to ensure that each one is perfectly suited to the photographer as well as the subject.

The two reflection hides operational on Zimanga are Mkhombe and Bhejane. Each of these hides takes a maximum of four photographers seated on executive style chairs in a climate controlled room positioned to photograph at water level through a specially imported one-way-glass window.  The Lagoon hide seats 5 occupants in a similar but larger layout than the reflection hides, with the opportunity to photograph in the light direction of your choice.

Each session in the hide is 3.5 hours long and you will be transferred to the hide by the guide from the Zimanga Main Gate in a game viewer.

The morning session will have you settled in the hide just before sunrise and the start of the bird activity for the day and the afternoon session is timed to maximise the action towards sunset. During the heat of the day the birds tend to retreat to the shade of the trees and bushes and therefore we do not recommend staying in the hides for the entire day.

Whilst in the hide there is plenty of room to set up your camera on the supplied tripod, with the temperature and humidity controlled by the air-conditioning system. The window through which you photograph allows photographers to view and capture images with absolutely no disturbance to the subjects. Any loss of light through the glass is minimal (1.3 f-stops) through its specialist fabrication and design meaning that high shutter speeds are easily achieved.

During the session we ask that fluid intake is kept to a minimum as there are no toilet facilities in the hides and exiting the room during the session may cause a break in the action to the detriment of everyones experience.

After the morning session the guide will arrive at the entrance and tea, coffee and rusks will be served. As to the afternoon session you will exit only after the sun has set to make the most of the golden hour and then some refreshments will be served in the twilight after the session is completed.