Game drives on Zimanga are in a converted Toyota Land Cruiser with three rows of seats behind the driver. As a rule the Game drives on Zimanga guarantee every guest a window seat. This allows for more room for kit as well as the ability to shoot from both sides without anybody sitting directly next to you. This is ideal for photographers and non-photographers alike who enjoy a bit more space and freedom of movement.

As a reserve Zimanga encourages clients to spend as much time as they like at any particular sighting. Due to the very low number of vehicles on the property at any one time you will never have to abandon a sighting to make room for another vehicle. The Guides that we use are all highly experienced as well as accomplished photographers in their own right so they will be able to position the vehicle in the best light as well as anticipating any action that is about to occur.

Should a subject be inaccessible from one of the tracks then Zimanga game viewers are permitted to off-road to get you into that perfect shooting position. This is particularly important when following a predator on the hunt! With most of Africa’s larger predators in residence as well as plenty of various prey species, this is a common occurrence on Zimanga.

During each game drive there will be an opportunity to stop for refreshments. In the morning tea and coffee are served with rusks and in the afternoons cool drinks, beers, wine or selected spirits are served shortly after sunset allowing photographers to make the absolute most of the last of the Sun’s rays in the Golden Hour.  Start times vary according to the seasons.