Another diversifying addition to Zimanga’s ever-expanding hide network is the hide placed on Scavenger’s Hill.  The hide is elevated above the Doornhoek valley, and the sweeping view from the top serves as a backdrop to this vulture restaurant.  The remains of predator kills (when found) are placed at the site, and to date, 5 species of vultures, together with other scavengers like marabou storks, woolly necked storks, tawny eagles, bateleurs plus several other species like kites, buzzards, jackal and hyena have been seen here.  Carcasses are not always guaranteed, hence the hide cannot be booked in advance.  The hide seats 4 guests, and each station is supplied with a Manfrotto Tripod and Benro head.

Scavenger species are present year-round, but summer months offer the highest species variety when migrating birds such as kites, buzzards and falcons can join the fray, together with jackal denning nearby.  Vultures breed in the area during the winter months, also resulting in high concentrations of these endangered birds.