Zimanga, in KwaZulu Natal, is the first reserve in Africa designed for avid safari enthusiasts whilst simultaneously satisfying the needs of modern wildlife photographers of any level, both who prefer a deeper appreciation of the bush and crave an unhurried exclusive experience.

Spread over nearly 70 square kilometers of pristine Zululand bushveld, fever tree forests and rolling hills, Zimanga is bisected by the Mkuze River and home to a splendid variety of animals and birds.  Species including lion, elephant, leopard and cheetah roam freely across the region and can with luck be tracked down for unparalleled game viewing and photographic opportunities.  Unfortunately, the wild dog pack was removed late 2018 due to constant conflict with a neighbouring pack of wild dogs resulting in injuries and casualties between both packs.  For their safety they have been moved to other areas without wild dogs, thereby increasing the available range of wild dogs in southern Africa.  The aim is to reintroduce an entirely new pack at a later stage.  There are over 400 bird species recorded on the reserve and its surrounds, offering an incredible diversity of wild subjects native to the area.

Zimanga has been nurtured and developed by Senekal family over the last decade and is a conservation orientated activity based destination offering exceptional safari viewing and photographic opportunities within an open system of free roaming animals.  Vehicle safaris, with no more than two clients per row, and several state of the art photographic hides built under the guidance and supervision of “The Invisible Wildlife Photographer” Bence Mate offer visitors never-seen-before opportunities of observing African wildlife.  These hides are unique in their design and execution in Africa, and have in conjunction with the fresh additions to traditional vehicle safaris already produced several award-winning photographs in some of the world’s top wildlife photography competitions.

It is the intention for Zimanga to become the region’s premier wildlife photographic destination and the owners are committed to the continual development of the reserve, striving to push the boundaries of a new wildlife experience unlike that found anywhere else on the continent, and through sustainable ecotourism create a protective haven for all species that call Zimanga home.